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Super moisturizing and antioxidant body milk for a protected and healthy skin.
A body milk based on Donkey Milk, supplemented with a mixture of plant extracts. Thanks to the extract of Milk Thistle, the natural collagen of the skin is protected from degeneration, and an important antioxidant and anti-age action is exerted.
The precious Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Avocado Oil help to maintain the elasticity of the skin of the body, revitalizing it and stimulating the regeneration of tissues, while ensuring tonicity and a pleasant silk effect.
Oat Kernel Oil counteracts free radicals and, in synergy with Bisabolol, it performs its soothing action even on the most sensitive and easily irritated skin.
Enriched with Vitamin E

OKYROE SUPER HYDRATING BODY LOTION has been tested by Closed Patch Test in order to determine that effectively can cause comparatively less risk of allergies. Due to the extremely large number of possible allergic reactions in humans, it is still possible that a product or ingredient specific reaction might be present. You might test the Product on the inside of your forearm to ensure skin compatibility