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Soft cream, with Donkey Milk, specially designed for the skin of our little ones.
Formulated in a balanced way with components such as Milk Thistle, Bisabolol, Chamomile Extract, Calendula Extract, Olive Oil, soothes and relieves the tender infant skin from redness and stress keeping it soft.
Thanks to Zinc Oxide, it is also ideal for diaper changes, protecting the area from irritation and helping to prevent microbial growth.
Designed for the skin of the child, it is also suitable for adults in cases of irritated skin after long periods of time in bed or skin exposed to irritation factors (e.g. solar radiation).

OKYROE PROTECTIVE BABY CREAM has been tested by  Closed Patch Test in order to determine that effectively can cause comparatively less risk of allergies. Due to the extremely large number of possible allergic reactions in humans, it is still possible that a product or ingredient specific reaction might be present. You might test the Product on the inside of your forearm to ensure skin compatibility