Roè. Innovation from Nature to skin

We are a constantly young company that develops, produces and distributes high and certified quality Natural cosmetics. Innovators by vocation, we use biotechnologies and eco-sustainable processes to obtain Care and Beauty products that respect people, animals and the environment.
Nature provides us with its best raw materials, science helps us to preserve their active ingredients.  We promote the enormous cosmetic and healing potential of the lush Mediterranean flora and Greek donkey milk to provide men, women and children with daily Beauty and wellness experiences.
We are driven by an ethical and coherent company philosophy, from the conception of an idea to the production and distribution.
The packaging, studied in every detail, is made of eco-compatible materials combining design, functionality and environmental sustainability.
Our commitment is renewed every day in order to offer our Customers and our Partners products and beauty gestures efficient and valuable over time.

Roè is ....

From the Greek “Ροή”, [“Roè”], our name contains the primitive image of the Flux, symbol of the incessant transformation that generates innovation. A process that begins with the conception of the idea and develops until the moment of sharing its fruits. Thus, passion and creativity become a collective asset and acquire a new meaning from day to day.



and Respect of Nature

for new horizons of Beauty and Care