A real Unisex cosmetic!

We love all the details that make a person, a product, a dream unique. Starting from the most profound needs of each type of skin.

From the best choice of Nature the maximum for Your Beauty


Moisturizing. Protecting. Replenishing.

Awake the natural resources of Your skin
Your skin is Your first beauty resource. OKYROE is the natural and complete response to take care of it in the most effective way.
Strengthening defenses against skin aging and oxidative stress.
With OKYROE now You can.
Naturally. Every day

is the common name
of our soul’s
multiple reflections


OKYROE products are born from the constant commitment of a specialized team of researchers and cosmetologists. The adaptive properties of donkey milk make them suitable for all skin types.

A real Unisex cosmetic!


Care and beauty from Olympus until today

In the uncontaminated territories of Greece, among chestnut trees, pines, firs and oaks on the mountains and in the plains where the gods and muses lived, the precious donkey milk is born, which is the basis of OKYROE cosmetics.

Under the azure vault of Olympus, the ancient legends and beauty secrets are revived.

Okyrhoe (in Greek Ωκυρρόη [Okyrròe]) was the daughter of the centaur Chiron, from who she had inherited therapeutic gifts. Her irresistible charm conquered god Apollo but Okyrhoe rejected him. Thus, out of spite, she was transformed into a mare, or, according to other versions of the myth, into a donkey.

OKYROE today expresses the legendary attractiveness of Okyrhoe and the millennial healing powers of Mediterranean donkey milk. A beauty elixir that, thanks to enriched formulations with active plant ingredients having a high antioxidant action, gives new youth, hydration and wellbeing to the face and body skin.

The timeless charm of natural cosmetics

To OKYROE cosmetics mean a 360-degree care of the skin, in complete harmony with the environment.

Nature comes always first, because we value the precious plant extracts among more than 6,000 native species that grow and benefit from a unique microclimate in Greece and in the Mediterranean basin. From territories with a biological vocation, we select pure raw materials of excellent quality and, using advanced technologies, we preserve the integrity of all active ingredients.

From Nature to skin. Our products, conforming to the COSMOS NATURAL or COSMOS ORGANIC standard and certified by ICEA, are born to respect the deepest needs of every skin type. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, they improve skin’s shape and texture, protect it from aging and external agents and keep it healthy day after day, night after night.